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Featured in Mopar Action

Featured in Mopar Action
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Rotorpros "PERFORMANCE PLUS" rotors are the "HOTTEST" new performance upgrade that not only make your car, truck or van look better, they also provide you with overall better braking. All our rotors are precisely balanced to ensure the ultimate braking experience. You spent all that money on custom wheels and tires, now it's time to add something nice to look at behind the wheel!!

Our "PERFORMANCE PLUS" rotors act as a ventilation system to keep the disc and brakepads cooler. Lower disc brake temperatures reduce, if not eliminate, brake fade thus enhancing performance and rotor life. These rotors help keep braking temperatures up to 250 degrees cooler than your stock application. Heat is the number one cause of "WARPED" rotors. You will no longer have to worry about warped discs.

Rotorpros specializes in meeting all your braking needs. If you have a special custom set up that requires an unusual set up, give us a call, we will try our best to meet your custom needs. Rotorpros offers a wide variety of performance parts other than rotors, pads and steel braided brakelines. If you are in the market for "ANY" other performance upgrade please send us an email inquiry or call us for a very competitive price.

Rotorpros only uses the best quality rotors available at very affordable prices. Other sellers only offer cheap economy rotors that are inferior to ours and will crack and warp. 

Rotorpros stays ahead of the others because we do not mess around when it comes to our drilling or slotting. Most companies out there offer fancy designs with hundreds of holes and fancy diamond or swirled slots. Those designs are merely a selling gimmick and do not offer any performance advantages whatsoever. They actually eat hundreds of miles off your brakepads. We call it "EYE CANDY", looks great but doesn't do much for you. The more holes you drill the weaker the rotors become!! We offer Less Drilled and Slotted rotors which have proven to work best!

Rotorpros also offers a wide variety of rotor patterns (designs) to meet your individual braking needs. You can choose from drilled only, slotted only, drilled and slotted or dimpled and slotted.

All our drilled or dimpled rotors have soft "CHAMFERED" holes that will protect against cracking. We also only use standard slots, not ridiculous looking slots like mentioned above. The slots on our rotors  "DEGLAZE" the brakepads improving contact between the pads and the disc, shortening braking distance tremendously. You will also notice improved "WET" weather braking.

Rotorpros also offers free "DEEP" zinc silver plating to protect your investment from nature's elements. This addition prevents rotors from rusting like all typical stock rotors do. 

Rotorpros set the trend when it comes to "CUSTOMIZED" rotors. We were the first in the industry to offer a variety of "HIGH TEMPERATURE" rated custom colors. Each rotor is treated with the best materials available to ensure great custom looks.

This option will really make your car, truck or van stand out like no other on the road. You can also choose from different zinc colors such as black zinc or gold zinc. Take a look around our website for some awesome pictures.

Our goal has always been to offer a great product at a great price. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest "PREMIUM" quality rotors, brake pads and accessories. We hope you enjoy all that www.ROTORPROS.net has to offer. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for please do not hesitate to ask. We will do what ever it takes to make your purchasing experience with us a satisfying one. We realize that you have many choices and sellers to choose from and we really appreciate your business!

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